RHOVIT – First Virtual and Crypto Backed Digital Media Platform That Creates Value for Users and Creators

October 10 13:57 2017

Los Angeles, CA – RHOVIT, an LA based digital media distribution platform has announced the sale of their Ethereum based token, the Rbit. The sale is scheduled for November 15, 2017 with a pre-sale set for October 18, 2017. RHOVIT is a hybrid cloud and blockchain based platform that hosts films, series, music, books, comics, games, podcasts and vlogs. RHOVIT is re-imagining content monetization by utilizing Users actions on the site i.e consuming content, viewing ads, sharing promoted posts, to “mine” Rbit Tokens. These tokens are the backbone of a circular economy that allows Providers to keep 100% of earnings and constantly rewards both them and Users. Operating dual currencies, Rbits are used for all promotion, ads and incentives on the platform. Coins, a virtual currency with a set value of $.005, are used to purchase content.

“What really makes the ecosystem work is the added value layer. By harnessing the actions of Users, converting them into Rbits and distributing them back out into the community, it’s a bit like a windmill using the air around it to create energy.” said Matt McCullough, co-founder and CEO of RHOVIT. “Without the windmill, or Rbit in our case, all that energy and value is lost.”

RHOVIT was originally built in 2012 as strictly a cloud based platform. An open post site it allowed Providers to upload and control all their own content and keep their full profits less transaction and streaming fees. It was a better business model but still incomplete. With the advent of Ethereum and smart contracts, the RHOVIT team realized they could complete what they set out to do originally, rewrite the rules of content monetization. Funds from the token sale will allow RHOVIT to upgrade the original platform, integrate the circular ecosystem, market the platform and provide incentives for both Users and Providers to make RHOVIT their new content home.

Pre-Sale participants will receive a 30% bonus.

For more information on RHOVIT and the token sale visit www.rhovit.info

Media Contact
Company Name: RHOVIT
Contact Person: Mary McCullough
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 13103445609
Address:4249 S Centinela Ave
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States
Website: www.rhovit.info