Design Skin redefining mobile phone cases with unique blend of fashion and function

January 02 22:41 2018
Design Skin is revolutionizing the mobile phone case space with its exclusive range of high quality cases that not only offer protection but also assures multi-functionality and incredible styling.

Torrance, CA – January 2, 2018 – California-based company Design Skin Inc. is revolutionizing the mobile phone case market with its exclusive high quality cases that are a chic blend of fashion, function, and protection. The unique cases stress convenience and value of design to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience for the customers. From rich graphic designs to cases that also double up as wallets and card holders, Design Skin’s next-generation cases speak of something truly exceptional that we have never seen before.

“We are driven to redefine the regular mobile phone cases with a fine dose of style, glamour, and functionality that had been missing till date. Just as shoes and apparels today have transcended from mere protection of body to fashion items- we aim to achieve the same with our exclusive mobile phone cases. We don’t want to see mobile phone cases as mere accessories for protecting your phone. Rather we wish to leverage them to highly coveted style items that will complement your excellent style statement, in addition to guarding your phone,” stated Jason Joo, the leading spokesperson from Design Skin USA.

Headquartered at Seoul, Design Skin Inc. is a Korean company with outlets all over Korea while its American office is based in California. It is the first company to combine fashion with protection for mobile phone cases and take them beyond the simple purpose of guarding smart devices.

Design Skin has already launched a vast and versatile range of unique mobile phone cases under its banner. Its primary collections include the Slider, Witty Look, Corner, and Corduroy. The Slider won the prestigious Excellence Design Award in 2014. It’s a multifunctional case that hosts a card compartment and also protects phone from external shock. 

“Our unique catalog has something for everybody. The Corner strikes a balance between thinness and protection. Witty Look is about adorable animal designs, and the Corduroy lineup features classy and elegant aesthetics that feel amazing in your hand.”

The company has also come up with unique handmade multifunctional leather phone cases under its luxury brand “Wetherby”. The Wetherby cases not only extend robust protection to phones but can provide card slots to hold credit cards, ID cards, and more.

“Just like our mainstream cases, our beautiful Wetherby collections cater to a wide audience. Regardless of the style you choose, we promise optimum quality, great styling, robust functionality, solid protection, and of course highest customer satisfaction.” 

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