L’ETO Caffe Brompton Offers Personalised Menus and Custom Cakes

January 10 22:57 2018

L’ETO CAFFE has six branches around London and delivers a variety of personalised meals to the customer’s door. The company offers a wide variety of food including regional breakfast dishes, an a la carte menu, and L’ETO CAFFE’s main centrepiece, its range of customised cakes.

L’ETO CAFFE’s key strengths is their six cafes dotted around London, which offers diners nutritious and healthy dining complemented by a palatable variety of desserts. The company’s staff is highly experienced and have a combination of passion, creativity, and dedication to delivering the best quality to make dishes originating from tried and trusted recipes, unique cakes, choices of regional breakfast menus, an a la carte menu, and outside-the-lunchbox surprises.

Some examples of the meals that L’ETO CAFFE’s customers will find are a selection of Mediterranean influenced dishes such as Teriyaki Salmon, Roasted Rosemary Turkey or Honey Roasted Pumpkin and Kale, Mushroom Quiche or Sweet Potato served with Quinoa yoghurt. Customers have a wide choice of creative and delicious desserts to complete the meal. The café’s cakes are also delivered to the customer’s door within 24 hours through their online store.

L’ETO CAFFE’s cakes come in a variety of flavours and exotic ingredients. These include Baileys Cheesecake, Birdberry Cake, Black Forest Meringue, Caprese Chocolate Almond Cake, Caramel Layer Cake, Caribbean Carrot Cake, Chia Seeds Brownie, Chocolate Letche Parfait, Dulce De Leche, Pistachio Rose and Raspberry Cake, Pastiera Italian Cheesecake, Rose and Lychee Cake, Sea Buckthorn and Red Currant Cake, and many others.

L’ETO CAFFE also makes a range of custom cakes for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, and many other events such as getting a driving licence after four failed attempts or a pet cat that has given birth to nine kittens. The company has made many themed cakes including Despicable Me, Chelsea Football Champions Cake, and Angry Birds.

The company’s creativity and passion have earned them many positive reviews. For example, Susan says, “This cake melted my heart from the very first moment I laid eyes on it! It was hard to hold the tears back because it truly was everything I could have hoped for to make my daughter Reagan’s first birthday special. We can never thank you enough for helping to make her big day truly memorable!!”

L’ETO CAFFE’s full range of creations can be viewed at www.letocaffe.co.uk

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